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If icicles could speak to homeowners, they’d reveal the following cold hard facts:

We’re only here because your home is leaking heat into the attic, which is costing you extra money on your utility bill.  The only way to get rid of us and lower your utility bill is to have an energy audit.”

Since icicles can’t speak directly to homeowners, they’re relying on homeowners to translate what they’re trying to say.

An energy audit will reveal why icicles on a house are a warning that the home is not energy efficient. A professional, energy auditor uses high tech equipment to look behind walls to pinpoint what steps are needed to stop a home from leaking heat (and $$$$$) through the roof.

Jerry Needham owner of Pro Energy Consultants says we’re one of the few local energy auditing companies that specializes in energy audits.  Unlike most other companies, we are not out to sell you on other major repairs such as new windows or insulation.  Pro Energy Consultants is truly an independent, unbiased third-party and acts as an advocate for the home owner.

For more information on energy audits, contact Jerry Needham at www.proenergyconsultants.com/jneedham.Icicles


*Guarantee valid at time of audit completion. Pro Energy Consultants' franchises are independently owned and operated. Price, services offered and participation may vary. Subject to change without notice.