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Energy Code in IL

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC ) is a building code created by the International Code Council .  The model code is adopted by many state and municipal governments in the US for establishing minimum design and construction requirement for energy efficiency. 

Every 3 years the IECC rewrites the standard energy code.  Illinois is one of the few states that always implements’ the new standard. 

It has been heard from some, but not all, builders care more about their profit margin over their buyers needs and we have heard some say:  “THEY CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE AFTER IT IS PAINTED”.

I will be posting snippets about the new building energy codes and what it could mean to you over the next few years.

There are significant changes that home builders must know in IL.  One special note to remember:  Every state makes their own decision as to how and when to adopt the new codes that come out every 3 years.  IL has made it a state law that builders must adopt the most current energy code within 6 months of the issue, and in this case the new 2012 code came into existence on Jan 1, 2012 and they have until July 1st to implement.  This is not up to the local counties and cities.  THIS IS THE IL STATE LAW regardless of what your building inspector may say. The builder is ultimately responsible for following the new energy code as state law.

Some of the major changes are going to be discussed each week on our FaceBook page.

  • There will be new insulation requirements
  • New window requirements
  • New air tightness test requirement
  • New HVAC duct tightness and testing requirements
  • Fireplaces will be required to have outdoor combustion air
  • Door blower testing will be required in all new homes and must meet the 5 Air Exchanges per hour or better to pass
  • Whole house ventilation will now be required
  • All duct work will be required to be sealed.
  • Hot water pipes will be required to be insulated to at least an R3 value.

Although these new code requirements are for new construction, we believe that we as owners of older homes should take note of these changes and make our homes as comfortable and efficient as possible. This will add value in several ways.

  • More comfort
  • More efficient
  • Better resale value


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