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Myths on “winterizing your home”

By all means, caulk your windows if you have the time and energy but know that you may not notice much difference in your utility bills or your comfort.

First thing to do is take some time to decide your concerns for your home.

  1. Are your utility bills too high?
  2. Do you have rooms that you can’t use in winter?
  3. Do you have musty smells?
  4. Do you have a lot of icicles?
  5. Do you have condensation on the windows in winter?


Any of the above issues may mean it’s time to bring in a professional.  Get the professional energy auditor or consultants with the right credentials and spend some money with them and think of it as investment in your comfort.  Look for someone who is BPI or RESNET Certified and you will be assured to get the most knowledgeable help. 


Here are some things that could be issues:

Major plumbing chases that allow air to move freely from basement to attic and cost you comfort and energy.

Older fireplaces with no damper or broke damper.

Single pane windows.  Although windows are often not cost effective from an energy payback perspective, they can be made better by something like an inside storm window.

Disconnected ductwork within the attic or crawl space can be a concern for energy loss and health issues.

Poor or no insulation in the attic.  Most homeowners never look into the attic until there is a problem so they may not know the amount of insulation or even how much they should have.  Air sealing and adding insulation to an attic can be the best investment ever in your home. 


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